Harmony in Creation: Corine’s Artistic Journey

Harmony in Creation: Corine’s Artistic Journey

Corine's creative journey began long before she consciously embarked on it. With a natural inclination towards creation, her early years were marked by educators recognizing and encouraging her inherent talent. The turning point came during her employment at a furniture workshop, where the heartbeat of her passion resonated most fervently. This realization led her to return to the craft that truly spoke to her soul.



Corine's creative process is a dynamic and ever-evolving journey. Surrounded by diverse materials and colors that inspire her, she begins each collection with a carefully chosen theme. Sketching, accompanied by music attuned to her mood and theme, marks the initiation. Extensive color experimentation and technical testing follow, ensuring that the final masterpiece aligns harmoniously with her vision.



For Corine, music is an indispensable companion throughout her creative endeavors. Approximately 95% of her studio time is accompanied by music, influencing her mood significantly. With a broad exploration of 117 different genres (thank you Spotify Wrapped!), she curates playlists on Spotify, sharing her eclectic musical universe. Artists like Chaos in the CBDSeb Wildblood, and Bonobo contribute to the soundtrack of her creative process. Check out what Corine is listening to. 



Corine's journey as a Tivoli Audio fan began with her husband, who owned a Tivoli PAL radio when they first met. Over thirteen years, the radio seamlessly became a part of their home and her first atelier. The passion for Tivoli Audio's quality transferred effortlessly, emphasizing the importance of high-quality sound in Corine's creative sanctuary.



Corine strives to evoke a sense of wonder. From the narrative conveyed in her art to the impact on the viewer, she aspires to create pieces that elicit wonder for both their aesthetic and technical facets. Tivoli Audio becomes a partner in this journey, contributing to the immersive experience of wonder within her artistic expression.



In the intricate dance between creativity and inspiration, Corine's artistic journey stands as a testament to the seamless integration of passion and quality.


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