Unveiling the Reimagined SongBooks

Unveiling the Reimagined SongBooks

We're beyond excited to introduce you to our latest creations here at Tivoli Audio: The SongBooks.

The SongBook and SongBook MAX are the result of a long and passionate journey, and today, we're going to take you behind the scenes to discover the inspiration and story behind them.

This journey starts in 2010, we had a small wonder called the SongBook that we discontinued. This compact, single-speaker travel radio was a little gem. Fast forward to the present, and we've witnessed the explosion of Bluetooth speakers in the market. They're everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, but something was amiss.

Our CEO, Paul DePasquale, couldn't ignore the proliferation of inexpensive, small Bluetooth speakers that offered subpar audio quality. Many brands came and went, unable to stand out in the crowd. That's when Paul had a vision: Tivoli Audio could bring back the SongBook, but this time, it would be bigger, better, and bolder.

He wanted them to be premium, powerful, stylish, and, most importantly, to deliver a performance that would leave you in awe. It wasn't just about making a Bluetooth speaker with a radio and built-in preamp; it was about creating an experience.

Inspiration for the SongBooks came from the birthplace of so many iconic designs—the 70s. Paul delved into the world of 70s product designs, from kitchen appliances to electronics and audio equipment. Even using high gloss colors, such as cream, brown, and green which were popular in the era, made its way onto the product. The result? A timeless, retro-futuristic design that pays homage to an era of innovation and style.

But that's not all. Paul wanted these speakers to evoke a sense of nostalgia, something reminiscent of growing up in the 90s. This is where the portable analog approach came into play. The equalizers, power functions, and sources all feature analog elements, bringing back the joy of simplicity and fun in the user experience. It's like a blast from the past, but with cutting-edge technology.

The SongBooks are not just speakers; they're a tribute to the love of music, design, and quality. They're a reminder that good things can get even better with time.

In a world filled with disposable gadgets, Tivoli Audio stands out.

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